A small family business run by Leon & Judy Ravell. With 21 years experience in the alternative energy industry we decided to practice what we preach. 17 years ago we committed ourselves to the industry by designing and building a home and office which is completely independent of Eskom and the national grid for electricity, yet situated in a residential area of Cape Town.

You might ask, why?

  1. To serve as a workhorse for the industry.
  2. To serve as an educational tool.
  3. To hone our skill and ability to design systems for our clients.
  4. To gather the necessary experience to make objective opinions in the industry, especially on the balance of system equipment.

Our Dream/Goal:

  • To offer the best quality products at the best pricing.
  • To educate our clients to the degree that their expectation of solar is equaled to the performance of the hardware they purchase.
  • To stay abreast of technology, so as to always offer the best solution to our clients.
  • To customise systems for clients for the DIY market without jeopardizing the quality of experience to be had by our clients.

Energy Conservation

As you review your energy needs, remember the importance of using energy-efficient equipment and appliances. “The road to independence is called efficiency”, for instance, using a 20w fluorescent light for three hours and day, rather than a 100w incandescent light, will give you the same amount of light and save you over 60,000wh of energy during a course of a single year. This will be a saving to you and in return give more capacity to Eskom.

Gas is an essential support to our home and office because it is the best energy source for cooking and supporting hot water systems. To determine energy conosumed we need to take two factors into consideration, namely energy and time (energy consumed = energy used x time). The greatest benefit of using gas in cooking is that it reduces the time factor.

I believe that the gas industry stands on the brink of expansion as the public is educated on what the most efficient option is for the various sensations in the average household, namely cooking and heating.

The greatest reason for gas only making up 1,7% of South Africa’s primary energy consumption is that we have a monopoly in terms of the energy industry, namely Eskom. Because of this fact the utilisation of gas has never been promoted in our country. Secondly, the pricing of both gas and diesel is not relative in terms of its productive cost, but gets levied to subsidise the cost of petrol production.

The best tool to promote gas would be educating the public on energy efficiency. In so doing, many more people would utilise gas.

Our industry has matured and today systems are reliable and durable. The areas we cover are: water pumping, electric fencing, communication high sites; lighting of homes, schools & streetlights; rural clinics with refrigeration; hybrid systems with Eskom or generators; stand-alone systems like ourselves.

As a company we constantly work in areas which have not been electrified by Eskom and therefore offer a very good alternative in solar and gas.

A visit to our home or one of our offices would be highly recommended and appreciated.